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Two Important Agreements Were Signed by the Chamber at “China Hi-Tech Fair 2017” in Shenzhen

The 18-member Delegation of the Chamber of Greek-Chinese Economic Cooperation returned with two important Agreements, which were signed during the CHINA HI-TECH FAIR 2017, which was organized in Shenzhen during 16-21 November.

The first Agreement was signed with the “Shenzhen Foreign Economic Trade and Investment Development Promotion Association” which has as active members about 300 of the most important extroverted companies in Shenzhen. The agreement aims at the promotion of common investment and business plans from the members of the Association and our Chamber, in the context of the New Silk Roads. A Delegation of the Association is expected soon in Athens for the finalization of the common planning of the two organisations.

The second Agreement was signed with the Chinese Organising Committee of “International Conference for Investment in Cultural Industries” and is related to the permanent and annual co-organisation in Athens of the “European Conference of Entrepreneurial Cooperation” focusing on Culture and Tourism. The first European Conference will be held early March 2018 with the participation of about 100 prominent Chinese and European entrepreneurs, in the context of the Chinese “Belt and Road Initiative”.

The members of the Delegation, which was lead by the Chairman of the Chamber, Mr. Fotis Provatas and the General Secretary Mr. Georgios Koumantakis, had great success with dozens of single or group meetings with companies, associations, business and government organisations. The tastefully designed Booth was awarded free of charge to the Chamber by the Organising Committee of the Fair and was built with the support of Enterprise Greece, and was the center of hundreds of visits by Chinese and Foreign entrepreneurs, exhibitors and visitors alike.

The City of Shenzhen, with 16 million residents, is considered the Silicon Valley of China and annually hosts the National China Hi-Tech Fair, where the technological achievements of the country are presented by Chinese  Companies, Universities and Research Laboratories. The Fair is visited by  hundreds of thousands of scientists and entrepreneurs from around the world and is source of great pride, showcasing Chinese scientific and developmental progress.

Emblematic was this years repeat participation in the Delegation of the Chamber, of the Chairman of TIF – HELEXPO, Mr. Tasos Tzikas who, with the support of the Chamber, had already signed a MoU with the Organisation of the Fair of Shenzhen and hopes in the future to annually host CHINA HI-TECH FAIR in Europe, in the spaces of HELEXPO.

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