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The Annual General Assembly of the Chamber of Greek-Chinese Economic Cooperation Convenes at the Athens Chamber of Tradesmen’s Conference Hall.

At the General Assembly, where many dozens of members were present or represented, including many Chinese company-members of the Chamber, the Board of Directors analytically presented the Action Report for the year 2018 and the first semester of 2019.

On their involvement with the Chamber and the Reports, warm words were spoken by many members of the General Assembly, among them the CEO of Air China (Greece) and Vice President of the Chamber Mr. Fan Heyun, the Chairman of the Chinese community Mr. Zou Yong, the entrepreneur Mrs. Xie Min, the Chairman of the Hellenic Aerospace Industry PTERARCH Mr. Zacharias Gkikas, the Director of the Economic and Social Council of Greece Mr. Apostolos Xyrafis, the CEO of VAP LAW OFFICES Mrs. Viki Athanasoglou, the CEO of TOURISM GENERIS Mr. Georgios Drakopoulos, the Mayor of Chania Mr. Tasos Vamvoukas, the Director of the Athens Traders Association Mr. Sotiris Antoniou, the Chair of HELLINIKON SA and Chair of the Chamber’s Audit Committee Mrs. Nan Spiropoulou, who presented the Economic Report for 2018.  Being away and unable to personally attend, supportive greetings were sent by Mr. Thanos Liagkos, Member of the Board of Directors of PPA-Cosco and Vice Chairman of the Chamber, Mr. Georgios Vernikos, Chairman of the Economic and Social council of Greece, the General Secretary of the Greek Tourism Confederation (SETE) and General Secretary of our Chamber, Mr. Sotiris Bregiannos, CEO of the law firm BREGIANNOS & ASSOCIATES and Nikolas Theodoridis Chairman of ARCHIRODON GROUP.

The members of the General Assembly unanimously approved the Actions of the Board of Directors for 2018 and the Register of 30 new Members of the Chamber.

The General Assembly approved, also unanimously, the election of 5 new members of Chinese descent to the Chamber’s Board of Directors, Mr. Fan Heyun, CEO of Air China (Greece), Mr. Chen Feng, Chairman of the Fujian Chinese society in Greece, Mr. Wu Hailong, Chairman of Chinatown Ltd., Publisher of the newspaper China Greece Times and Mrs. Mina Xie, Chair of the Chinese-Greek Cultural Union.

Concluding the General Assembly Chairman of the Board of Directors Mr. Fotis Provatas thanked the members for the unanimous approval of the Actions of 2018, committed to even greater intensification the Chamber’s efforts for the development of business relationships between Greece and China and praised each of the 19 Chinese Companies – New Members of the Chamber, which, headed by Cosco and Air China enthousiastically support our common entrepreneurial home, the Chamber.

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