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Seanergy Mare Maritime Company SA (“Seanergy Mare”) operates from modern offices in Athens, and has developed strong international links with shipping stakeholders worldwide. They have strong experience in managing a fleet of vintage and modern oil and chemical tankers as well as product carriers which used to operate both on time charter and on the spot market.

Ships under the management of Seanergy Mare are approved by all the Oil-Majors and by other relevant Major Charterers. They have successfully complied with all TMSA office audits with ExxonMobil and TOTAL. Seanergy Mare’s Safety, Environmental & Quality Culture aims for the highest standards and is based on Zero Tolerance Targets.

Seanergy Mare operate vessels to Competitive, Cost-effective, Operating Expense Budgets which are regularly compared with industry standards in order to maintain competitiveness. Operating culture, policies, procedures and management systems have been developed alongside first-class organizations, such as Mobil Shipping & Transportation and Odfjell, and this is reflected in the high standards implemented aboard vessels to be managed by Seanergy Mare Management Services.

Seanergy Mare provides a transparent and flexible Ship Management Service to Shipowner clients based on comprehensive regular reporting protocols, and arrangements to facilitate close monitoring by, and interaction with, appointed Shipowner clients’ representatives. Their professional Ship Management service is tailored to the owner’s specific requirements and circumstances.

Seanergy Mare is the successor of Atlas Shipping being a shipping company active in owning, chartering and managing vessels.

They have acquired a deep knowledge in shipbuilding specifications and supervision. They engaged in 26 new building projects during 2006-14.

During 2009-13 they supervised the design and construction of oil product tanker ordered by Russians from STX Shipbuilding.

They entered a shipbuilding contract in S. Korea for building of fourteen (14) chemical tankers IMO II. During this shipbuilding program, nine (9) vessels sold en block, while the remaining five sold on a later stage.

The company’s successful 25 years’ history has been developed on the basis of a very conservative and cautious ship‐management approach. It is worth noting that the loss ratio on P&I is very low (the company works with North of England P&I Association Ltd) and that in the H&M insurance there are zero claims in the history of Seanergy.

Its long term commitment and cautious ship‐management approach has allowed it to develop long term commercial relationships with significant counterparties and to develop an excellent reputation in the chartering market. Seanergy has strong relationships with well‐reputed charterers.

We serve our clients’ best interests and contribute to their success. 

Contact details:

Address: Str. Makrigianni 105, 18345 Moschato Athens, Greece

T: +30 210 4815444                    

F: +30 210 4815445                         


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