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S.M.ART – Art Media (System Media Art) S.A., is a Company that deals with Public Communications, Strategic Planning, Design and Production of Audiovisual Products and Cultural Management. The company has an innovative and functional character that started back in the early 90s, as the result of its staff’s hard effort and work.

In all these years, our effort was to creatively connect public communicational strategy with the production and development of specialized and technologically advanced audiovisual products.

S.M.ART- Art Media, consists of skilled professionals and scientists in political communication, planning, organization and production of mass events (open and closed spaces events), planning, organization, and production of film and television products, organization and production of historical and cultural documentaries, elaboration organizational studies of TV, radio stations and specific program issues and last but not least, in new and social media.

The company always tries to expand its activities and combine traditional methods and media with all forms of new and innovative methods, opening new fields in strategic communication, production and cultural management.

Contact details:

Address: 6, Dimokritou Str., 10671 Athens Greece

T: +30 2103621428                    


For further information visit our website:


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