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PostScriptum is an SME based in Athens, specialized in supporting cultural reference agencies with innovative actions while building networks with their communities, education, tourism, creative industries and the economy in general. At the same time, PostScriptum expands its activities to consulting and collaborating with Museums, Galleries, Libraries, Archives, Αgencies of contemporary cultural creation, Foundations, Companies with high Corporate Social Responsibility and Local Governmental Agencies.

In this context, PostScriptum has designed and developed a wide package of services and products including cultural experiences such as interactive shows and immersive exhibitions, artists, craft & design, productions and venues which aim to engage the Chinese market promoting the cultural exchange and dialogue between China and EU.

Contact details:

Address: 4, Papadiamandopoulou str. 11528, Athens

T: +30 210 7292288-9                                                                                                         


For further information visit our website:,


Konstantinos Konstantinidis

Managing Director, PostScriptum

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