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Interview Of The Chamber’s Chairman On Piraeus’ Channel 1

Interview of the Chamber’s Chairman on Piraeus’ Channel 1

Interview of the Chairman of the Chamber of Greek-Chinese Economic Cooperation, Mr. Fotis Provatas, to the portal

An invitation to intensify, without further delay and in coordination with the central government, attempts to attract more Chinese investments, was extended to the business community and the local government by Mr. Fotis Provatas, Chairman of the Chamber of Greek-Chinese Economic Cooperation.

The Chinese side has taken a strategic decision that Greece, and in particular the port of Piraeus, will the be the entrance of the New Silk Roads in Europe and Northern Africa, and is supporting investments in our country’s largest port despite the difficulties involved, he noted speaking on Nikos Bardounias’ show on Piraeus’ Channel 1 (Kanali 1) on Tuesday.

The new port of Piraeus will benefit both sides, as the city gains and evolves from the port’s development, while the possiblity of becoming a truly modern “Smart City” opens up to Piraeus, something that is also desired by the Chinese side, noted Mr. Provatas.

After a series of important agreements were signed during the visit of the Chinese President to our Country last November, a new era has begun for the cooperation between the two countries.

Building on the solid foundations of decades of excellent bilateral relations on the political level, in the sector of culture and the deep friendship that connects the countries’ peoples, economic cooperation can move ahead even further, he stressed.

In this context, any task that Greeks and Chinese have undertaken as a common cause in the recent years has had positive results, and the Chamber was founded – and is here – to support Greek companies to enter the Chinese market, the Chairman underlined.

Today there are over 100 Greek and over 30 Chinese companies that are members of the Chamber.

The goal of the Chamber of Greek-Chinese Economic Cooperation is to give Greek entrepreneurs the tools to enter the Chinese Market, stressed Mr. Provatas, underlining that while Greece has been importing Chinese products for decades many of which are, by now, very high quality goods, it has not yet discovered the mechanisms for important exports to China.

For example, China is in need of high quality food products, which our country produces, for the rising Chinese middle class, which expands by 15 million new members every year.

“Someone has to cover this psychological vacuum of communication- and that it what we do. We have created a very good climate, forming constant and lasting contacts between entrepreneurs and local governments that power trade in their cities. We have welcomed many delegations of entrepreneurs and state officials. We have created fertile ground for the new Greece in China” stated the Chairman of the Chamber.

The Chinese are well aware of ancient Greece and are now discovering the modern Greece, through their investments in our country, in tourism, in products like Greek yoghurt, which has already reached the distant country, but also through their cooperation with bright young minds from our country, who develop software for Chinese companies, Mr. Provatas explained.

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