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Greeks Send Messages Of Hope To The Chinese People

Greeks send messages of hope to the Chinese People

 Greeks, both Young and Old, sent a message of hope to the Chinese People. We have a duty to support every country, every human being during hard times.
 Οι Έλληνες Μικροί-Μεγάλοι, στείλαμε μηνύματα αισιοδοξίας στον Κινεζικό λαό. Οφείλουμε να στηρίζουμε την κάθε χώρα, τον κάθε άνθρωπο στις δύσκολες στιγμές.

 On Saturday, 08.02.2020, a group of young Greeks  took the initiative to express their solidarity towards the Chinese People in these difficult days. The Chairman of the Chamber of Greek-Chinese Economic Cooperation, who was himself present at the event, stated the following:

“The Greek People’s compassion and solidarity towards the struggling People of China is spreading and getting stronger by the day. This important gesture of young people taking the initiative is most characteristic and commendable.

The Chamber of Greek-Chinese Economic Cooperation, along with the Business Organisations of the Chinese Community in Athens, and groups from Civil Society, are organising on the following Friday, 14.02.2020 in Athens, an outdoor silent meeting to express Solidarity and Support towards the Chinese People during these hard times.

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