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Great Rapport Between the Companies Participating in the Chamber’s Booth at the 82nd TIF, China Honoured Country

A large number of entrepreneurs, both Chinese and Greek, but also a plethora of interested guests are visiting the Booth of the CHAMBER OF GREEK-CHINESE ECONOMIC COOPERATION at the 82nd TIF – CHINA HONOURED COUNTRY, signaling the huge and widespread interest in the development of economic relationships between China and Greece.

The Booth of the CHAMBER OF GREEK-CHINESE ECONOMIC COOPERATION, in which there is a prominent position for the posters of the Golden Sponsors PPA-COSCO, ATTICA FINANCE – SUMEC, BREGIANNOS LAW FIRM, as well as the posters of the ATHENS STOCK EXCHANGE and PPC S.A. (ΔΕΗ), has taken on the form of a space for the exchange of ideas between entrepreneurs of the two countries on the trajectory and the promotion of developmental cooperation and projects.

A dozen of entrepreneurs – members of the Chamber, as well as its executive staff, are constantly present at the Booth daily for information support of anyone interested and for the organization of B2B meetings of Chinese entrepreneurs with Greek entrepreneurs – members of our Chamber.

Representative of the constant contribution of our Chamber – which, it should be noted was officially recognized by Presidential Decree just a month ago – to the development of Greek-Chinese business relations, is the interest shown by the visits to our Booth by representatives of Embassies and International Economic Organisations and Delegations.

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