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Art In Quarantine

Art in Quarantine

The page Art in Quarantine 隔离时期的艺术 was created on Facebook with the goal of exhibiting works of Chinese artists who, through various media, are trying to communicate to a wider audience the intricacies of the situation currently taking place in China, both on an individual and a social level, and also in order to express, as best they can, their own thoughts and feelings.

Part of the “Going Out” Series, by Li Ge

Do not do others what you would not have them do to you, by Gao Hong

A new way of buying vegetables, by Zhu Wenzhi

Breath, by Hu Shunxiang

From the page’s description:
Coronavirus struck China first.
Almost everyone is put or puts oneself in quarantine.
Factories, schools, fun places, are closed. Aviation and transportation in general stands still. Everyone wears a mask. It is a forced form of cocooning.
Since December 31st 2019, nothing is anymore as once was. Most of the people feel the least uncomfortable, awkward, and embarrassed if not anxious, frightened or desperate.
Many Chinese Artists started creating artwork to express the social phenomena and personal psychology in this epidemic period which becomes a global scourge.
This Facebook page is devoted to such artworks and creators.
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