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Το Επιμελητήριο Ελληνο-Κινεζικής Οικονομικής Συνεργασίας συμμετείχε στην Τηλεδιάσκεψη με θέμα “Harbin Investment Promotion To Europe”

Το Επιμελητήριο Ελληνο-Κινεζικής Οικονομικής Συνεργασίας συμμετείχε στην Τηλεδιάσκεψη με θέμα “Harbin Investment Promotion to Europe”

Αθήνα, 4 Σεπτεμβρίου 2020



Πραγματοποιήθηκε χτες, 3 Σεπτεμβρίου 2020, με μεγάλη επιτυχία, με τη συμμετοχή του Επιμελητηρίου μας και αρκετών Εταιρειών-Μελών του, ύστερα από Πρόσκληση του Δημάρχου του Harbin κ. Sun Zhe, η Τηλεδιάσκεψη με θέμα “Harbin Investment Promotion Presentation to Europe”. Στην εξαιρετικά ενδιαφέρουσα Τηλεδιάσκεψη, συμμετείχαν 80 εκπρόσωποι Ευρωπαϊκών και Κινεζικών Εταιρειών καθώς και διμερών Ευρωκινεζικών Επιμελητηρίων, προβλήθηκε ενημερωτικό υλικό για τις οικονομικές δραστηριότητες της πόλης του Harbin και έγιναν σχετικές εισηγήσεις, μεταξύ αυτών και του Προέδρου του Επιμελητηρίου Ελληνο-Κινεζικής Οικονομικής Συνεργασίας, κ. Φώτη Προβατά, ο οποίος τόνισε:

“Mr Mayor, Ladies and Gentlemen, I am speaking to you from Greece. On behalf of the Chamber of Greek-Chinese Economic Cooperation, I would like warmly to thank the Mayor of Harbin for giving us the opportunity to be all together today at the virtual event Harbin Investment Presentation to Europe. To unite our efforts and to overcome, as soon as possible, the consequences of the pandemic and the economic crisis through cooperation, solidarity and partnership.

The Greek-Chinese Chamber has already, over the past two months, intensified its efforts to give a new momentum to the Greek-Chinese, Euro-Chinese and the Chinese-Mediterranean cooperation in the framework of the Belt and Road Initiative and the New Maritime Silk Road.

Our immediate aim is to create a large business Mediterranean Silk Road Alliance of the 25 countries of the Mediterranean Sea and China with the participation of Chambers and business associations from all of these countries, in order to make up for the lost time and to give an even more dynamic boost to the economic cooperation of China and the Mediterranean Sea countries.
We are certain that, in our efforts, we will have the fraternal support of the Chinese Chambers and Business Associations, as well of the local governments of the cities of China, such as Harbin, for a dynamic win-win business cooperation.

In closing, I wish great success to the new development investment projects of Harbin, this great historic city which we all admire so much.”

Ακολουθεί το Δελτίο Τύπου της πόλης του Harbin σε μετάφραση google από τα κινέζικα:

“On September 3, “Harbin Investment Promotion to Europe” Conference successfully held in our city. Harbin Mayor Mr. Sun Zhe, Municipal Government Secretary-General Mr. Fang Zhenghui, Harbin CPPCC Deputy Secretary-General, Chairman of the Federation of Industry and Commerce Mr. Xu Wei, and Harbin City directly related departments and district and country government main leaders, as well as Heilongjiang province Foreign Affairs Office, Qiqihar bin City Foreign Affairs Office and other provinces from other cities, also Ambassadors from the United Kingdom, France and from other 14 European countries participated, as well as China Central Radio and Television Station, People’s Daily, China News Network, Xinhua News Agency Heilongjiang branch and other national and provincial media, Pakistan “diplomatic magazine”, Macao monthly magazine and other foreign media representatives online and offline at the same time attended the meeting.

Mr. Sun Zhe during his speech to the European envoys in China, European well-known business associations, well-known enterprises and friends of the City Business Association and other departments on behalf of the general situation of economic and social development of the city, mentioned that Harbin has many investment opportunities, broad consumer market, rich innovative elements, excellent policy environment, hope that the two sides can take the Korean online investment activities as an opportunity to actively promote dialogue and communication, play to each other’s resources, to carry out deeper and wider cooperation, to achieve complementary advantages and win-win development.

French Consul General in Shenyang anlan said in his speech full of confidence in the future industrial development of the city, and will promote the city’s investment policy to the French business association and enterprises, and hope to bring the relevant departments and enterprises to visit the city to negotiate when the opportunity matures.

In his speech, Mr. Fotis Provatas, Chairman of the Chamber of Greek-Chinese Economic Cooperation, said that the comprehensive strategic partnership between Greece and China has entered a new era, laying a solid foundation for exchanges and cooperation in local economic and trade, culture, science and technology and other fields. The Chamber of Greek-Chinese Economic Cooperation will take an active role in boosting economic, trade and investment cooperation between Harbin city and Greece to achieve new results.

In addition, Du Tao, Deputy Trade Envoy of the United Kingdom in China, Minister Counsellor of the British Embassy in China, Mr. Jesús Osuna Sens, President of the Spanish China Friendship Association, Mr. Paul Basoni, President of the Italian Chamber of Commerce in China, Mr. James Ramsbotham, CEO of the North-East Chamber of Commerce in the United Kingdom, Mr. Aurelian Gogulescu, Chairman of the Prahova Country Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Romania, Mr. Eberhard Trambo, Chairman of the Global Trade Forum in Berlin, Germany, Mr. Wu Juncai, Vice President and General Secretary of Danone group in Greater China, and other important guests spoke at the presentation meeting.

At end of the conference, the Harbin Federation of Industry and Commerce and the Northeast Chamber of Commerce of the United Kingdom, the Harbin Foreign Affairs Office and the Spanish-Chinese Friendship Association, the Harbin Council for the promotion of trade and the British Chamber of Commerce of China, the Harbin Council for the promotion of trade and the Finnish Chamber of Commerce of Beijing, signed MoU of cooperation between them.

The event showed the city’s good business environment and desire for cooperation, attracted the attention and participation of many European countries, embassies and consulates in China, European business associations and enterprises, enhance the city’s visibility and influence in the European business community, to attract European enterprises settled in the ice city summer has laid a solid foundation.”

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