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The Official Invitation To “China Hi-Tech Fair 2019” Was Delivered To The Chamber By The General Director Of International Affairs Of Shenzhen’s Local Government

The Official Invitation to “China Hi-Tech Fair 2019” Was Delivered to the Chamber by the General Director of International Affairs of Shenzhen’s Local Government

An important visit to Greece was realized, after an invitation by the Chamber, by a four membered Delegation of the Local Government of Shenzhen, headed by the General Director of International Affairs, Mrs. Ka Tan Funying, an old friend and partner of the Greek-Chinese friendship.

Mrs. Tan met, in our offices, with a Delegation of the Chamber, consisting of the Chairman Mr. Fotis Provatas and former Managing Director of the State Radio-Television Network (ERT) Mr. Vasilis Kostopoulos, and delivered the Official Invitation of the Local Government of Shenzhen to the members of our Chamber to “China Hi-Tech Fair 2019”, which is organized every year on 13-17 November in Shenzhen, on especially attractive and honouring terms the Chamber’s Delegation.

The Chamber’s Management assured Mrs. Tan that relevant preparations have already begun, in close coordination with the Hellenic Association of Mobile Application Companies (HAMAC – ΣΕΚΕΕ) and Enterprise Greece, in conjunction with communication with the General Secretariat of International Economic Cooperation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. We expect that our participation this year will far surpass our successful involvement in the past 5 years.

Mrs. Tan also assured that the Local Government considers the broad involvement of the Greek Delegation, under the guidance of the Chamber of Greek-Chinese Economic Cooperation, to be of great importance, since they consider Greece a natural bridge from China to Europe, in the context of the One Belt One Road Initiative. Following this line of reasoning, the members of the Greek Delegation will be given the opportunity to discuss and negotiate with equivalent organisations and companies based in Shenzhen, within B2B meetings, during China Hi-Tech Fair 2019.

We must point out, stressing the attention payed by Shenzhen to its relations with Greece, that Mrs. Tan, accompanied by the Chairman of Our Chamber Mr. Fotis Provatas, Former Vice Mayor and Chairman of the Municipal Council of Athens, visited the General Secretary of the Municipality of Athens, Mr. Alexandors Tsiatsiamis, whom she informed of the Shenzhen Local Government’s sincere wish to forward the cooperation of our twinned, since 2013, Cities, and informed him that Mr. Chen Rugui, Mayor of Shenzhen, wished to invite, as soon as possible, Mr. Kostas Bakoyiannis, Mayor of Athens, to Shenzhen for an official visit.

Finally, Mrs. Tan invited Mr. Tsiatsiamis, who is a member of the Board of Directors of our Chamber, to officially visit China Hi-Tech Fair 2019, with the Greek Delegation, so that he may personally contribute to the preparations of the Mayor of Athens’ visit to Shenzhen.

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