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The Leadership Of The China Federation Of Industrial Economic (CFIE) Visits The Chamber’s Offices

The Leadership of the China Federation of Industrial Economic (CFIE) Visits the Chamber’s Offices

An exhausting, almost three-hour long, meeting on the prospects of business partnerships between China and Greece was held in the Chamber of Greek-Chinese Economic Cooperation’s conference room, between, on the one hand, the leadership and executives of the China Federation of Industial Economics (CFIE) and executives of the Chamber on the other.

Heading the Chinese Delegation of the Federation, was the Executive Vice President Mr. Xiong Meng and the General Secretary Mr. Wang Guangju. Another 11 high ranking business executives from all around China were present:


President of Chang Cheng Insurance Brokers Ltd.

YANG Xinbo
Vice Chairman of the Chinese Medicine Education Association


Department General Manager of China Volant Industry Co., Ltd.


General Manager of the CFIE Industry (Beijing) Co., Ltd.

GONG Wenzhen

General Manager of Beijing Xiaogong Culture Development Co.,Ltd.

JIN Zhiwei

Chief Consultant of Beijing Xiaogong Culture Development Co.,Ltd.

XIN Xiaojian

General Director of Yonyou Network Technology Co., Ltd.

CHAI Zaixi

Chairman of Tianjin Yuanshun Logistics Group Co., Ltd.


General Manager of Tianjin Zhaorui Investment Development Co., Ltd.

DAI Zhihua

Chairman of Mellow Investment Group Co., Ltd.

GU Mingdong

Project Manager of Jiangsu Vocational College of Medicine

JIANG Hongbin

Project Manager of Sino-Italy Ningbo Ecological Park Holding Group Co., Ltd.

LIU Xiaomin

Project Manager and Interpreter of Global Industry Research Center of CFIE

Leading the Greek Delegation was the Chairman of the Chamber Mr. Fotis Provatas and the following business executives of the Chamber participated: Mrs. Meng Fen Shan, Vice President of CTY Group Investment SA and Mrs. Viki Athanasoglou CEO of VAP LAW OFFICES, as well as Mr. Giorgios Papavasilopoulos, Proffesor at the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA), Giannis Lousidis, Managing Executive of Liknoss S.A., C. G. Chen, President of Pacific International Development Holding BV and Air Train International Group Gmbh and Toni Smith, President of CTY Group Investment SA.

During the three hour meeting the Chinese entrepreneurs were informed in detail of the economic environment in the country, as well as the sectors such as infrastructure, energy, industrial processing of agricultural products, assembling of industrial products and the tourism industry, where there exist serious investment plans for funding and cooperation, and finally the legal framework governing investments was analysed.

The Chinese Delegation, from their side, informed of the international initiative that CFIE has taken on during the last two years, for the global development of the New Silk Roads (in the context of the One Belt One Road Initiative), through the creation of BRICA (Belt and Road Industrial and Commercial Alliance), which is a multilateral cooperation mechanism and to this date, apart from Chinese involvement, rallies business, industrial and commercial organisations from over 30 countries.

The Exectutive Vice President of CFIE and President of BRICA Mr. Xiong Meng officially invited the Chamber of Greek-Chinese Economic Cooperation, representing Greece and recognising its international activity for the development of the Silk Roads, to join BRICA’s Board.

The Chairman of the Chamber thanked Mr. Xiong Meng for his honorary proposal and undertook to bring it to the Executive Board as soon as possible for approval.

From the Chinese side Mr. Xiong Meng and from the Greek side Mrs. Viki Athanasoglou took over the coordination of the Chamber’s integration into BRICA.

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