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The Assembly Of The Board Of Directors Was Realised At The Offices Of Port Of Piraeus Authority – COSCO

The Assembly of the Board of Directors was Realised at the Offices of Port of Piraeus Authority – COSCO

In a symbolic gesture of support for COSCO’s entrepreneurial presence in Greece, the Board of Directors of our Chamber accepted the kind invitation of the Chairman and CEO of the Company, Captain Fu Chengqiu, to convene the Board of the Chamber of Greek-Chinese Economic Cooperation at the Company’s Central Offices in Piraeus .  During the Meeting there was a detailed briefing on the current state of the project of the Port of Piraeus, various questions were raised, many serious statements and presentations were made, and finally the unanimous decision was taken by the Board to support the company’s Development Plan, as a basic requirement for the immediate advancement of Chinese investments in Greece, in the context of the Chinese Government’s policy of the New Silk Roads.

The Board also welcomed the 5 new members of Chinese nationality, in agreement with the General Assembly’s decisions.  In particular, the Board welcomed the CEO of Air China Mr. Fan Heyun as Vice Chairman of the Board and, as members of the Board, the Chairman of the Chinese Community in Greece Mr. Zou Yong, the Chair of the Fuijan Chinese Society in Greece Mr. Chen Feng, the Chairman of Chinatown Ltd. and publisher of the newspaper “China Greece Times” Mr. Wu Hai Long and the Chair of the Sino-Greek Cultural Union Mrs. Mina Xie.

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