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“Thank You” Reception At The Chinese Embassy

“Thank You” Reception at the Chinese Embassy

After President Xi Jinping’s visit to Greece last week, the Chinese Ambassador to Greece, Mrs. Zhang Qiyue, organised a reception at the Embassy for a few close friends and partners, in order to express her gratitude and to show recognition for their assistance and their contributions to the success of this historic visit.

The Chamber of Greek-Chinese Economic Cooperation was represented by the Chairman, Mr. Fotis Provatas, the General Secretary, Mr. George Vernicos and the distinguished member and Chairman of the Greece-China Association, Mr. Andreas Potamianos, whom the Ambassador warmly thanked for their contributions.

In the photograph, the Ambassador Mrs. Zhang Qiyue with the Chairman and General Secretary of our Chamber, Mr. Fotis Provatas and Mr. George Vernicos, last night at the Chinese Embassy.

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