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Official Dinner By Mrs. Wu Xiaodan, Yancheng’s Vice Mayor

Official dinner by Mrs. Wu Xiaodan, Yancheng’s Vice Mayor

Mrs. Wu Xiaodan, Vice Mayor of Yancheng City in Eastern China (with 8.2 million inhabitants and one of the highest growth indices in China) visited Athens accompanied by a large team of her associates, in order to form partnerships for the 2nd Annual Marathon which, in 2020, will be organized by her city.

On this occasion, she hosted a formal dinner at a central hotel in Athens, with honorary invitations extended to the Chairman of the Chamber of Greek-Chinese Economic Cooperation, Mr. Fotis Provatas, and the businessman Mr. Wu Hailong, a member of the Chamber’s Board of Directors and Publisher of the Chinese Journal in Greece, “China Greece Times”.

During the relevant talks the desire for a close future co-operation between the Chamber and the city of Yancheng was reaffirmed, in order to develop joint business initiatives between Companies of the two countries.

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