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Aegean Sea International Travel Greece is established by the Chinese Economy and Culture Association of Greece. It is vigorously supported and promoted by the Greek National Tourism Ministry, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Athens Municipal Office. It introduces the beautiful scenery of Greece, its splendid history and culture to the world, especially to China.

Our company has a professional team, has good cooperation with star hotels in Greece which can provide adequate rooms and reasonable prices even in the peak season period. The company also has a reliable fleet of various models and luxury private fleet, which can be arranged at any time in the territory of all types of vehicles to meet all tourists’ need. We care about every detail which can decides quality, by providing a warm, attentive reception service to every guest.

Our company provides high quality, low price and perfect one-stop services including individule’s travel, group tours, business tours, business exhibitions, cultural exchanges, wedding ceremonies, wedding photography and summer camps.

The company can invite and arrange business exchange activities regarding to major overseas Chinese chambers or association, the municipal government, the Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Civil Protection, the Ministry of Culture, scientific research institutions, shipping maritime agencies, Greek companies, and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Our Company focuses on every detail in our services. We have the absolute advantage for arranging business visits, group sightseeing, wedding ceremonies and wedding photographies. By many years business and government groups reception experience accumulated from Chinese Commercial and Culture Association of Greece as well as a team full of positive enthusiasm, we have determinated to provide the most professional services to Chinese tourists in Greece, and to be a bridge between China and Greece for exchanging and cooperation.

Contact details:

Address: Metonos 4, 10436 Athens, Greece

T: +30 210 5238882                    

For further information visit our website:


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